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Advertising on SkyMap

Why advertise on SkyMap?

Many people find standard-look maps something of a challenge to read, understand or engage with effectively. But by drawing a town or a city in 3D, the conventional flat map transforms into a “living” navigational tool that is vastly more user-friendly.

SkyMap enlivens a city by highlighting landmarks, sights, cafes, shops, restaurants, hotels, museums, beaches and much more. So, not only do we tell people about your shop or service - we show them how to get right to your front door.

Why is distribution effective?

With a high profile distribution exposure within International and local airports (Copenhagen, Athens, Mykonos, Skiathos, Chania and Rhodes), visitors can pick up a free map from the SkyMap stand in the arrivals hall or at one of the many shops, hotels or services listed on the maps.  Other major distribution points are ferry companies, cruise lines, museums, embassies, tourist offices, bus and train stations.

**Over 2 million maps of Greece, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Poland and Turkey are printed every year.


Do you want to reach out to the tourist market?

If you have a business, SkyMap can put you directly on the map by showing your exact location. We offer map and web site advertising to accommodate most budgets. On the actual map, advertising spaces include logos placed above your “roof” at your company’s specific locale and a listing in the directory. Other options include full and half adverts around the frame of the map, and front and back covers for the highest exposure. On the on-line version of SkyMap, we list the client's information and provide a free link to their web site.

Contact us in order to promote your business on our truly unique publications!

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